• Sights of Hungary
    Sights of Hungary
    More than 2200 Hungarian sights in one place!
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  • Sights of Szeged
    Sights of Szeged
    Presenting 35 highly recommended sights of Szeged in 11 languages.
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  • MyVocabulary
    Mobil application and website
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  • Budakeszi Wildlife Park
    Budakeszi Wildlife Park
    Learn about the animals, listen to the guides and visit the zoo.
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  • Botanic Garden Szeged
    Botanic Garden Szeged
    Learn the plants and events of the Botanic Garden of Szeged!
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  • Magyar História
    Hungarian History
    The Hungarian History application deals with the introduction of Hungary’s history, commonly known figures and eras.
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  • Szépia Bio & Art Hotel**** Zsámbék
    Szépia Bio & Art Hotel**** Zsámbék
    Guests seeking relaxation can enjoy the wide range of services provided by the high quality hotel of the Zsámbék Basin.
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  • Meló-depó application
    The best jobs for students in a single place.
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Around 1,200 people dressed in costumes are going to celebrate the end of winter during this year’s Busó carnival, which begins on 4 February in Mohács.
Baja, the capital of fish soup, welcomes visitors all year round. Besides delicious food, the town offers a beautiful natural and built environment, along with a great variety of leisure activities in every season.
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