Our company develops the free Magyar Látnivalók app. Its average daily download count is around 300 (above 500 in significant periods), and the total download count on the three marketplaces is above 100,000. The app is connected to our EventsAPI service, so the events uploaded there are automatically displayed in the app as well.

We have the following advertisement offers for the Magyar Látnivalók app:

Display featured events, programmes, or offers in the mobile app for 5,000 HUF+VAT per featured item per week. Normally, we can feature 10 events or offers each week.

We regularly send push notifications to the users of our app. On the average, 30,000 users receive these messages. In addition, the message is linked to a detailed event recommendation page, which is displayed after the user read the message. We send push notifications about special offers twice a week. You can send your own message for 8,000 HUF+VAT.