About us

Currently, our development activity is divided into the following two main areas:

the development and maintenance of the ETUTOR Internet-based distance learning framework, e-learning consultation, and the development of digital learning materials for partners, publishers and institutions of higher education who provide distance learning
the development of mobile applications, and solutions related to providing content on mobile platforms

Our company was present on the public educational software market for more than 20 years. The main product was the Magiszter.NET Digitális Iskola integrated system, which was developed from 1999 to 2013. The Magiszter.NET is an Internet-based, server-side application and database, which can be accessed through a web browser depending on user privileges. We had the necessary server capacity, the developers, and the efficient online support system to maintain the application. The system was used by nearly 700 institutions and 50,000 registered users. The total number of registered students was around 200,000. The system was accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2005, thus it became one of the school administration systems that were introduced all over the country. The Magiszter.NET school administration system is the integration of an e-learning framework, a digital attendance book and an institution website.

The purpose of our E-Tutor integrated system is to provide a cost-effective, modern solution to organisers of courses or adult education who do not possess the necessary IT background. The following three key subsystems are integrated into E-Tutor: an external communication interface, an administration interface and an e-learning framework. These together ensure that the courses are fully manageable, and allow the creation and publishing of digital learning materials and tests, and online communication for students. The system is based on the open source ILIAS e-learning framework.

Our company is a founding member of the Hungarian Ilias Community.

We participated in many TÁMOP tenders and created digital learning materials and tests for universities, colleges and institutions of adult education. We created more than one hundred digital textbooks for our largest partner, the Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó Zrt.

We began developing mobile applications in 2012. We are experienced in developing for all three essential platforms (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone). Our major development aims are related to providing content on mobile devices and producing location-dependent mobile content. In our development team, currently there are 12 full-time developers, graphic designers, editors and translators. Furthermore, we work with 17 other translators (for English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Serbian and Romanian), some native Hungarian and foreign narrators, 3 news editors and 1 marketing manager on an assignment basis.

INFOtec Kft

Headquarters: 9 Gogol street (1st floor), Szeged, 6722

Manager: János Sikala

Phone number: +36 62 550-748, +36 62 550-749

Mobile: +36 70 610-3189

Fax: +36 62 550-919

Website: www.infotec.hu

E-mail: infotec@infotec.hu

Tax number: 10224193-2-06

Company registration number: 06-09-000180