Art Nouveau routes

Project Partner:
Szeged Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzat


Thanks to the application, you can get to know the gems of Art Nouveau architecture of Szeged, Subotica, Palic and Senta. To find these, you are supported with different walking route offers in each city.

The application offers:

  • description and photos of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings of Szeged, Subotica, Palic and Senta,
  • Art Nouveau walking routes on offline maps in each cities,
  • after downloading sound files, the descriptions of the buildings could be listened without Internet connection,
  • other websites’ offers about the buildings could be visited,
  • notice is available in RSS format in connection with the project news,
  • tourism event calendar,
  • possibility of sharing on public websites,
  • content available in Hungarian, English, Serbian languages.