Körös-Maros National Park

Project Partner:
Körös-Maros Nemzeti Park Igazgatósága


The Körös-Maros National Park was established with the aim of conserving the values of the land and nature in the Southern Trans-Tisza Region. In order to help visitors, the park’s directorate gives a brief description of the natural treasures and the institution’s services. By downloading the app, visitors can find out in advance about the available accommodation, the programmes organized in 2014, and the cultural history values of the park. Additionally, they can also read about the amazing natural phenomena that are typical of the countryside. For those who like nature and enjoy hiking, the maps and descriptions of the park’s educational trails might serve as motivation to explore the themed trails. Following them reveals a lot of information about local animals and plants.

The app’s features:

  • sights, educational trails, descriptions of natural phenomena
  • events in 2014
  • maps
  • sharing on Facebook