Szeged`s Day 2013

Project Partner:
Szegedi Városkép Kft.


Free application.

The first download generates approximately 50 MB data, therefore it is recommended to use Wi-Fi.


  • the detailed programme of the 19th Wine Festival of Szeged, contact information of the participating vineries, the wine regions of Hungary,
  • list of the programmes seen on stage in the Gasztroudvar (Klauzál tér),
  • participants and programmes of the “Dóm téri kavalkád” on each day, links to the artists’ websites, Facebook pages, or sample Youtube clips,
  • programme of the “Nemzetiségi folklórtalálkozó” and the “Kult Korner”,
  • city events available for visitors during the event series.

The event guide for the Szeged Napja event series (held between 17 and 26 May 2013) is available on your mobile phone as well. Visitors can learn about the events, and its programmes and venues.

Keep in mind: 10 days, 11 venues, 120 viticulturists, 200 artisans, and 250 programmes! It can be difficult to remember all that, but your phone is always at hand.