W35 American Mexican grill bar

Project Partner:
W35 – American & Mexican Grill bar


Our dream was to do something exciting and lovable for our friends and acquaintances, and of course for everyone else who likes it.

In spite of the simplicity of our name, our meals are quite special: W35 is the proudest of always making the meals (quesadilla, burrito, nachos, and hamburgers, obviously) from fresh ingredients.

Everything is self-made from the tortilla to the hamburger buns. We also have chili in our restaurant, which we have a strong preference for.

Be part of our dream! With the help of the W35 app, you can easily look at our selection and pick your favourite meals from the menu. In addition, the calculator allows you to plan the meal and estimate the total cost in advance.

The app includes:

  • descriptions and contact information of the restaurants
  • the locations on map, route planning
  • the food selection with ingredients, photos and prices, along with an estimated cost calculator
  • event calendar