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Sights of Hungary

Thousands of sights in one place – explore Hungary with the help of our trip planner.

Go In Nature

Discover the natural sights and green attractions of Prekmurje and Zala county!

Visit Slovenia Hungary

200+ sights and 30 tours from four regions and two countries in a single app.

Cycling Slovenia Hungary

Explore Lenti and its surroundings, the Őrség-Vendvidék region, the Pomurje region and the Mura-Dráva region!

Zala Insights

Bicycle and walking tours in the Zala hills with directions and sights.

Siklós - Bypath

Discover the bicycle path connecting the Castle of Siklós with the Mailath Mansion. Read about the sights of the region and listen to the audio guides available in English, Hungarian and Croatian.

Szeged's Day 2018

Szeged`s Day 2018. The event calendar of the festivities is available on mobile phones as well.


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