Scorm Player

Following a free registration, you can download any public learning material from the website to your phone with the help of the Scorm Player app.

If you choose one of our annual subscriptions, you may create up to 10 learning materials that can be then shared with your students or edited in collaboration with your colleagues. Additionally, writing comments and rating learning materials is also possible.

Even if you are not familiar with creating SCORM materials, do not worry – we can help! Your subscription includes access to an editor, which provides a simple and quick way of creating them.

Why download the app?

  • if you are a teacher and you want to catch up with your students who use their phones constantly,
  • if you are a student and you rather throw your tablet into your bag instead of a heavy book,
  • if you are a publisher and you would like your textbook to reach as many readers as possible in a simple and quick way.