Szeged`s Day 2014

Project Partner:
Szegedi Városkép Kft.


Free application.

The first download generates approximately 12 MB data, therefore it is recommended to use Wi-Fi.


  • the detailed programme of the 20th Wine Festival of Szeged,
  • list of the programmes seen on stage in the Gasztroudvar (Klauzál tér)
  • programme of the “Nemzetiségi folklórtalálkozó”,
  • programme of the Kincs tér (Dugonics tér) where visitors can see Hungaricums,
  • city events available for visitors during the event series.

Keep in mind: 10 days, 10 venues, 150 viticulturists, 200 artisans, and 250 programmes! It can be difficult to remember all that, but your phone is always at hand.