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Siklós - Bypath

Discover the bicycle path connecting the Castle of Siklós with the Mailath Mansion. Read about the sights of the region and listen to the audio guides available in English, Hungarian and Croatian.

Szeged's Day 2018

Szeged`s Day 2018. The event calendar of the festivities is available on mobile phones as well.


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Sights of Hungary

Thousands of sights in one place – explore Hungary with the help of our trip planner.


The free MohácsON app provides information about the sights and events in the town, the offers of local service providers, and the significant local festivals.


The smartphone app of the Bajai Turisztikai Nonprofit Kft. can be useful for anyone who spends some time in Baja.

Szeged Guide

The purpose of the Szeged Guide app is to provide information about the sights and attractions of Szeged, which have a considerable significance from cultural, historical, and travel aspects.


Baja, the capital of fish soup, welcomes visitors all year round. Besides delicious food, the town offers a beautiful natural and built environment, along with a great variety of leisure activities in every season.