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The planning process of an app has three phases. First, we have to plan the structure of the descriptive content, along with the path to each component and the structural outline of the app. Second, the design elements, the logos, the appearance of each page type, the app icon, and the launch screen all have to be included in the graphic plan, along with the graphical components to be used on the marketplaces. Finally, we select the necessary active components and features in the feature plan. Based on these plans, we create templates which determine the process of content management in the online editor (myContentEditor) and also determine the appearance of the app and how it works. The templates are HTML and CSS-based to make sure they are properly displayed on any platform.

Based on the customer’s ideas, our company first prepares the plans, and then the necessary templates. We have the professional experience required to develop the app’s features and to offer advice to our customer on utilizing the available technology to its full potential.



Following the collection of digital content (texts, images and audio recordings), the components of the app are edited in myContentEditor according to the structure determined by the templates. Multimedia items, GPS coordinates, audio recordings, RSS feeds and other information are managed in the editor. The recording of the audio files includes narration and the translation to a foreign language, as well as adding them to the app. 1,000 characters equal 1.5 minutes of recording on the average.
We create mobile content from the materials provided by the customer, as well as uploading them to the editor. Our company meets the requirements for publishing apps on all main marketplaces (iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows), and we offer writing descriptions and advertisements, and making other marketing materials (e.g. YouTube video). The customer can preview the appearance of the app even during editing. Our flexible editor allows modifying and updating content.



Our company develops apps to all three main platforms (iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows). Depending on the customer’s needs and the theme of the app, various features can be implemented:

a)      external links (to the web)

b) internal links (within the app)

c) adding audio files (audio guide)

d) online (GPS-based) and offline maps

e) schematic map with hot-spots

f) photo gallery

g) multiple languages/language selection

h) news feed – RSS

i) event calendar



To manage mobile content, our company has developed an editor framework called myContentEditor. It allows the management of objects, templates and multimedia files created in each project. Every step of the editing process can be performed in it, and myContentEditor also generates the appropriate packages for publishing to each platform.

Although there is a size limit on the content uploaded to the marketplaces, myContentEditor provides a feature which allows the users to download the whole database automatically when they launch the app for the first time. This feature also allows updating the content later.

The editor framework also allows updating the app’s event calendar and managing the RSS feeds. Apps receive their content from myContentEditor and editors use it to add new information.

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