FB Workpower

Findig a job becomes simple and quick with the FB Workpower app. The daily updated list of job offers, the instant sign up and the direct communication makes the process of finding employment easier.

Pannon-Work ISZ

The app of the Pannon-Work Iskolaszövetkezet provides an efficient and quick solution for students to find the most suitable job in the country-wide network.

Sights of Hungary received an update

In addition to the thousands of sights, we collected the details of 7200 hotels, pensions, guesth...

Laser Level Setup

Laser Level Setup – engineering solution for the difficult levelling tasks.

Szeged`s Day 2015

Szeged`s Day 2015. The event calendar of the festivities is available on mobile phones as well.

Meló-depó Iskolai Szövetkezet

With the help of the Meló-depó app, students can take a look at the offers, sign up for jobs, and receive news and information.

Optional Conference

The app was made for the guests of the Optional Conference held on 24-25 March 2015 in Budapest.

SmartHotelInfo.com is now live!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. If you are a hotel owner, visit SmartHo...

Szépia Bio&Art Hotel Zsámbék

Szépia Bio&Art Hotel Zsámbék is an excellent choice for guests seeking relaxation. The range of services of the four-star wellness and conference hotel of Zsámbék now includes a mobile app as well.

Hungary Card

Whether you are looking for entertainment or relaxation, Hungary Card provides many opportunities to save money while you are exploring Hungary. Our app helps you find the places that offer a discount.

Scorm Player

SCORM Player is a simple and easy-to-use app, which is capable of displaying SCORM standard learning materials. It also supports offline mode.

Lake Tisza

Ride a bike, row a boat, go fishing or hiking, and relax at the wonderful Lake Tisza! Discover the sights, animals and plants in the area.

Sugovica Beach

Discover our services (zip-line, beach snack bar and playground), learn about the events organised on the beach and the opportunities provided by the beach and the city.

W35 American Mexican grill bar

W35 Restaurant mobil application.

Positive companies` directory

Find your business partner in our directory of reliable and reputable companies.

197 Professional Directory

Find professionals nearby with the help of our mobile app.