• Körös-Maros National Park

    The sights, natural resources, nature trails and programs of the Körös-Maros National Park are available on mobile phones as well.
  • Lake Tisza

    Ride a bike, row a boat, go fishing or hiking, and relax at the wonderful Lake Tisza! Discover the sights, animals and plants in the area.
  • Laser Level Setup

    Laser Level Setup – engineering solution for the difficult levelling tasks.
  • Magyar História

    The Hungarian History application deals with the introduction of Hungary’s history, commonly known figures and eras.
  • Meló-depó Iskolai Szövetkezet

    With the help of the Meló-depó app, students can take a look at the offers, sign up for jobs, and receive news and information.
  • MohácsON

    The free MohácsON app provides information about the sights and events in the town, the offers of local service providers, and the significant local festivals.
  • Museum Pass

    The Museum Pass mobile application is the outcome of a cross-border co-operation whose aim is to present Bács-Kiskun and Csongrád County as well as Vojvodina's museums.
  • On the trail of the Szeged paprika

    With the help of the mobile application you can read about the history of paprika, its popularity in Hungary and its role in Hungarian gastronomy.
  • Optional Conference

    The app was made for the guests of the Optional Conference held on 24-25 March 2015 in Budapest.
  • Pannon-Work ISZ

    The app of the Pannon-Work Iskolaszövetkezet provides an efficient and quick solution for students to find the most suitable job in the country-wide network.
  • Positive companies` directory

    Find your business partner in our directory of reliable and reputable companies.
  • Prague Beertrip

    Do you like beer? Are you a Prague enthusiast? If yes, then download the Prague app.
  • Researchers` Night 2013

    The events of the Researchers` Night 2013 are available on our mobile app as well.
  • Scorm Player

    SCORM Player is a simple and easy-to-use app, which is capable of displaying SCORM standard learning materials. It also supports offline mode.
  • Sights of Hungary

    Thousands of sights in one place – explore Hungary with the help of our trip planner.
  • Sights of Szeged

    Mobile guide to the sights of Szeged. The application available in 11 languages.