Szeged Panteon

The Szeged Pantheon application was developed to introduce one of the most beautiful sights of the county. This little Hall of Fame has paramount cultural and touristic significance, as the statues and reliefs commemorate the most famous Hungarian scientists, artist and other iconic figures.
The aim of our application is to guide visitors and to introduce the historically important personalities pictured in the statues. The Szeged Pantheon application also functions as an art history source, as it deals with the artists, and illustrates the technique of Hungarian portrait- and memorial sculpture.
The walk gives us a guide to the 25 highlighted statues of the 106 which are all marked on the map outline. All the descriptions of the highlighted statues have an audio version


  • a walk – a guide to 25 highlighted statues with a short walk,
  • audio version of the descriptions for the highlighted works,
  • external links providing extra information about artists and artworks,
  • more languages.