• 197 Professional Directory

    Find professionals nearby with the help of our mobile app.
  • Art Nouveau routes

    Thanks to the application, you can get to know the gems of Art Nouveau architecture of Szeged, Subotica, Palic and Senta.
  • Baja bike

    Those who love cycling will definitely enjoy their stay in Baja, as a 12 kilometres long cycle track was built (and repaired) in 2015
  • BajaGuide

    Baja, the capital of fish soup, welcomes visitors all year round. Besides delicious food, the town offers a beautiful natural and built environment, along with a great variety of leisure activities in every season.
  • Bajai Halfőző Fesztivál

    The second Saturday in July is the day of the Baja Fish Soup Festival – a gastronomic event recognized both in Hungary and Europe. The app contains information about the festival, recipes, and a list of the performers and events.
  • BajaWalk

    The smartphone app of the Bajai Turisztikai Nonprofit Kft. can be useful for anyone who spends some time in Baja.
  • Botanic Garden Szeged

    Learn the plants and events of the Botanic Garden of Szeged!
  • Budakeszi Wildlife Park

    Get to know Budakeszi`s Wildlife Park, its events and the animals living in its round forest with the help of our mobile application.
  • DKMT Touristic routes

    Thematic routes of the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa Regional Cooperation.
  • Expert chain stores

    Find the nearest Expert store with the help of our mobile app.
  • FB Workpower

    Findig a job becomes simple and quick with the FB Workpower app. The daily updated list of job offers, the instant sign up and the direct communication makes the process of finding employment easier.
  • Ferenc Móra in Szeged

    Our city tour takes us back to the olden days of Szeged. You may follow the path of this outstanding novelist, journalist and museologist and visit all the places he has been to.
  • Hévíz

    The app presents Lake Hévíz, sights and attractions in the town and its environs.
  • Hungary Card

    Whether you are looking for entertainment or relaxation, Hungary Card provides many opportunities to save money while you are exploring Hungary. Our app helps you find the places that offer a discount.
  • Körös-Maros National Park

    The sights, natural resources, nature trails and programs of the Körös-Maros National Park are available on mobile phones as well.
  • Lake Tisza

    Ride a bike, row a boat, go fishing or hiking, and relax at the wonderful Lake Tisza! Discover the sights, animals and plants in the area.